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High Holy Days at Beit Sasson

This page offers complete information on High Holy Day celebrations at Beit Sasson. Scroll down for a schedule of services as well as information on reserving seats and renewing annual membership with Beit Sasson.

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Message from President Yashar

Dear Friends,

Rosh Hashanah is upon us and it is my pleasure to be addressing you as the President of Beit Sasson.  In light of High Holy Days, I would like to take the opportunity to reflect upon Beit Sasson’s achievements/challenges in the past year, explore changes to pave a road to a better future, and look ahead to the coming year with prayers for good health, happiness and fulfillment for ourselves, our families, and our community.

Improvements at Beit Sasson in the past year: This year Beit Sasson passed yet another milestone by becoming a full service synagogue. It is to my delight to announce that daily Mincha and Arvit services have been added with support of a strong minyan. It is amazing to witness how easily Beit Sasson community stepped up their participation as Rabbi Durani moved to newer chapters of his life. A search committee has been formed to find a new rabbi, and in the mean time members of the community easily compensated for this void by a strong display of Torah reading skills, and by delivering heart felt dvar Torah’s every Shabbat. Our very well organized volunteer security team has been successful in creating an atmosphere that feels safe and comfortable to our congregants. These are tremendous accomplishments, Chazaq u’Baruch!


Adding Personal Touch: You have witnessed my advocacy for open management style.  In my opinion the best way to run our beloved shul is to bring all plans and issues to public attention and request everyone’s participation and personal touch to bring our goals to reality. For the past four years this has worked beautifully and B"H" we will continue with the same format in the coming year.
Looking Ahead: It is important to make Beit Sasson a community center; a place more than a house for prayers. To accomplish this, the goals set for the upcoming year are to find a rabbi for our community who thoughts and goals align with that of the community.  Initiate a learning programs for our teens, continue improving the children’s program, increase and improve community programs both internal and in collaborative programs with our neighboring synagogues, and most importantly Recognize and Meet Our Fiscal Challenges.

Challenges: Beit Sasson has transitioned from hardly a minyan in the basement of another building to a well-established thriving community in just a few years. It is not easy to prepare a budget that reflects both our financial realities and our values.  Membership dues alone are not enough to support our synagogue. We are still recovering from the tremendous effects of COVID 19.  I have been told that some people get uncomfortable when there are talks about money. B”H” I have found the opposite!! Because everyone realizes that sustaining Beit Sasson is the only way we can be “The Sephardic Congregation of Newton.”  Everyone’s support is needed. We need everyone on the team, you can be a player, you can be a fan. Both are important roles. As an extended family, everyone is expected to get involved and help in whichever way they can.  In the months ahead, we will announce plans on how in addition to fundraising efforts, we can generate income to meet our financial goals. However, this will not be possible without gifts of time and money from our congregants and other friends. In order to help please feel free to contact me at with suggestions.

5783 High Holy Day Services: On behalf of Beit Sasson Executive Committee, it is my pleasure to invite you and your family to join us for the High Holy Day Services.  Rosh Hashanah begins on Sunday evening September 25th.  Yom Kippur begins on Wednesday evening October 4th.  Click here for complete High Holy Day schedule.
In keeping with Sephardic tradition, everyone, member or otherwise is always welcome to worship at Beit Sasson. We highly encourage people to become members and to buy seats for the High Holy Days since space is limited, and purchasing is the only way to guarantee a seat. Please note that we have kept the High Holy Day Seats and Membership dues low to encourage wider participation.   Please click here to conveniently make seat reservations, and to make payments/donations.

I pray that Beit Sasson continues to take a more positive meaning in our lives.

I wish you and your family a sincere and heartfelt Shana Tova.



Joseph Yashar


Membership & High Holiday Seats

We have kept our dues low to encourage 100% participation. We would appreciate any help with operation expenses (including the recently hired Rabbi), monthly obligations (utilities, maintenance, Children’s Programs, etc...), and the recent Synagogue Expansion (Handicap ramp, etc...). Thank you.

  • Family Membership $1200.00
  • Single membership $600.00
  • Friend of the Minyan $360.00

High Holiday Seat Reservations for Members are:

  • Men's section $126
  • Women's section $126
  • Children (ages 5-21) $50
  • Students $50

High Holiday Seat Reservations for Non-Members are:

  • Men's section $152
  • Women's section $152
  • Children (ages 5-21) $60
  • Students $60

Download forms to see schedulerenew or start your membership - and reserve your High Holy Day seats