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Newton Center Zmanim

Times for Mar 21, 2023
Latest Shema (GR''A): 9:48 AM
Earliest Mincha (GR''A): 1:21 PM
Plag haMincha (GR''A): 5:40 PM

Shabbat Times for Mar 24, 2023
Parashat Vayikra / פרשת ויקרא
Plag haMincha (GR''A): 5:43 PM
Candle Lighting Time: 6:43 PM
Latest Shema (GR''A): 9:46 AM
Havdalah (45 min): 7:46 PM

Child Safety:

There have been several instances where young children have almost been hit by cars as they dash into Ward Street without first looking for oncoming traffic. It is extremely important that you supervise your young children if they are not in group or in the Sanctuary with you. Please discuss this very important issue with your children, and then take responsibility for the safety of your own child.

Parking Guidelines for Beit Sasson:
These guidelines are designed to address important issues raised by our neighbors. Thank you for being a good neighbor. 
  • Please follow all driving safety laws.
  • Do not back up into Ward Street. It is a one way street in front of our synagogue.
  • Avoid parking in narrow streets such as Ward Street and Morseland Street if possible.  Instead use the parking spaces available on Commonwealth Ave, including the carriage lanes.
  • Be considerate to our neighbors: please park at least 5 feet away from a driveway. Keep in mind that someone will need to be able to easily get out of that driveway.
  • On snow days, avoid parking on both sides of narrow streets such as Ward Street and Morseland Street. This will allow for a safer passage by all drivers.
  • On snow days, please do not park across a neighbor’s driveway. They need room to safely get out of their own driveway.
  • Please do not make U-turns in narrow streets.
  • Please be considerate of our driving neighbors. Walk on sidewalks and not in the middle of the streets.