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Our Rabbi

Rabbi Oren Simhi has been serving Beit Sasson as Rabbi since September 2022.


Rabbi Simhi has been living in Newton Center with his family for several years. He came as a Shaliah from Israel and has been a Middle/Upper School Judaic Studies Teacher at Maimonides School for many years. He is a Talmudic expert, familiar with several Sephardic traditions, including Yemenite and Moroccan. In Israel, he worked as a middle school principal and has years of experience as a youth educator.


Rabbi Simhi serves as Ba’al Koreh for Torah readings, provides halakhic counseling as a Posek for the community, and guides the overall religious practices of Beit Sasson.  As a non-native English-speaker, Rabbi Simhi will deliver many Divrei Torah's while also encouraging congregants to share Shabbat sermons.

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